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    Join BIMA, the UK’s largest digital and tech community with a membership of over 5000 technologists, creatives, leaders and strategists.

    Reasons to join BIMA

    Grow your business and people.

    Contribute, learn and network at a diverse range of UK-wide progressive events. We run over 90 events per year.


    Take your seat in the UK's digital community

    BIMA’s councils and think tanks drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry.


    BIMA is the voice of digital & tech.

    We represent a community of businesses, charities and academia across the UK.

    Find out more

    Get involved
    Join BIMA

    BIMA’s vibrant, innovative network of like-minded people from agencies, startups, brands, charities, education and freelancers, is driving the future of digital. Join to gain immediate business benefit with member-only access to valuable events, awards programmes, talent initiatives and much more.

    Want to raise the bar? Membership also opens the door to the leadership of BIMA’s many powerful communities – get involved to set the agenda for your region or area of interest.

    Join Us


    BIMA 100

    BIMA Announces the Class of 2021

    View the final 100

    Latest news

    Our community structure

    We are a community of communities. They sit at the heart of everything we do. BIMA councils set the agenda in digital hubs around the country and our Think Tanks help industry leaders and practitioners to fuel the future.

    Our members

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